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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Do YOU want to develop Your Psychic Ability?

Hello, my name is Lynn Claridge and I have used my psychic ability all of my adult life. It was not until my late teenage years that I wanted to try and understand what was happening. I always knew deep down inside which direction I should have taken in a given situation, but more often then not I ignored this inner knowing and took the wrong path.

It was suggested to me that I had to understand this ability and I was introduced to a psychic medium that would take me under his wing. So I joined his psychic development circle.

It was within this circle that I realized everyone has this ability in one-way or another. It was nothing to be frightened of, it was something to cherish and use. It was great to join a group of people that had understood how to use this gift and I wish to pass this knowledge onto you.develop and understand your psychic ability

Can you relate to any of this?

Think, an old friend has not phoned me for ages, then suddenly they do?
Do you know what someone is about to say before they say it?
Do you know when you are in a safe place?
Can you sense a good or bad atmosphere in a place you visit?
Do you know deep down which direction you should take, and then take it?

This e-book is full of practical exercises designed to advance your psychic awareness. Through developing this, you will understand your inner self. You will be able to make positive, life changing decisions and project a more confident, outer self. With the ability to change your inner self you will have the ability to change your life and guide others around you.

I'll tell you exactly how YOU are going to achieve a greater understanding right now...

Step #1 I will show you how to reach your deeper inner self - through relaxation.

Step #2 I will show you how you will learn to trust your intuition - your 6th sense - your psyche.

Step #3 I will explain how you can understand your sleep and dream interpretations.

Step #4 You will understand your emotions, your energy centers and your thoughts.

Step #5 You will learn to understand and trust the spiritual messages and feelings you receive.

And that's just for starters......

I will also teach you how to use the Tarot Cards, Zener Cards and how to experiment with psychokinesis. I will also teach you how to meet spirit.

One more thing - This is important.

This is your awakening to a new dimension. If you change your conventional way of thinking you can change your world. By learning to accept the fact that the Universe is one and that you are part of the Universe you can draw upon the powers of the Universe, the powers of the spirit that are within you and every living thing.

You are given the right to learn, to understand, to explore and to discover the way you want to live your life. Spiritual awareness gives you the light of positive thinking and allows you to overcome your fears and shortcomings in life. Just imagine how this awareness could change your life forever.

And that's not all: You receive my personal email address, so you may contact me for personal help or advice. Because I am fully committed to each and every person who wants to improve his or her psychic awareness, I offer email support free of charge. This means that if at any stage you need help, reassurance or support, you can email me directly at any time.

What Others Think About My Psychic development course:

Lynn Claridge, the "author" has carefully chosen to take each step leaving the reader with no doubt as to what in the past was called the unknown.
Each step the reader takes leaves them in no doubt as to the paranormal and nothing is hidden.
I found this book very difficult to put down.
Kenn Bates

Hi Lynn,
I purchased your book recently, I am slowly working my way through it but would decided to write a quick note to say I think your book is great it’s easy to understand and put into practice.
Your bonus section rings a lot of home truths for me, I have come to a stage in my life, where I seem to have lost so much and been very hurt mainly because I am a honest and open but extremely deep person. I have a lot of self belief and have achieved a lot so far in my life, I know if I stayed on this path I could be financially secure and probably find a measure of happiness but material gain is just not enough, in actual fact I really did not have a clue what to do, so thank you, your bonus section put my mind at rest.
Beverley Charmer

It is great to meet a person of the highest spiritual integrity that is devoted to their clients and constantly studying to enhance their skills.
It makes a change to find someone who is not frightened to address their own personal growth besides being utterly discreet and unquestionably trustworthy.
Whilst having a genuine warmth of heart and being a real giver, always putting yourself out for people with a deep desire to help people and to make the world a better place.
Lucinda Mackworth-Young

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