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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

A Pocket Full of Money

My name is Nelson Freytes. A few months ago I felt extremely frustrated with my financial situation. I was getting ready to turn 31 years of age when it hit me like a ton of bricks; I thought...

"Oh my God, I'm a liver transplant recipient, I am doing nothing with my life I am enjoying, I constantly worry about money (so much so that it had become a habit to which I had forgotten any other alternative could even be possible), I dislike where I live and days seem to go by like speeding cars on the highway."

I needed something. A teacher, a friend, answers. I remember one day at work thinking - I've read and studied so much "self help" and grown so frustrated that at this point all I really would like is just something different. Not a "fix my life now" type something, but maybe just something different, profound and that simply attempted to help me feel better, give hope and gentle guidance.

Honestly, I forget exactly what keywords I used to search on Google that day, but whatever they were, I found something. It was very interesting, because the title of this book seemed very silly to my senses, but I clicked on it anyway.

The eBook I found that day was "A Happy Pocket Full of Money" by David Cameron. And WOW, what a find! I remember literally pausing several times during reading simply to thank God for putting this information before me just when I really needed it.Wealth conscious Happy Pocket Full of Money Ebook For Download

Countless times through my reading I remember saying to myself; the world must get a hold of this information fast, others have to experience this for themselves, poverty and wealth are not what most of the planet thinks it is. It's all just a big misunderstanding, perhaps one of the most damaging misunderstandings humans will ever needlessly experience.

Suddenly, it was clear; I had chosen myself to bring this find to the world, starting here and now. It became clear when magically, the words "WealthConscious.com" just came out of me. I needed no further proof. Especially after I went to register the domain name and sure enough, it was available.

I think you know where I'm headed with that, but I truly believe that we manufacture our coincidences and you reading this right now is a result of both of our purposes and desires.

"Truly an amazing gift to the world that you just must experience for yourself"

I can tell you though, that when you read A Happy Pocket Full of Money and understand it, you will feel so acquainted with money and wealth that you will immediately see, identify and find amazing wealth. Not by winning the lottery, or getting a raise at work, or getting a huge inheritance, although those are true everyday possibilities, but you will know this wealth where it has always been and always will be - In You!

When you read A Happy Pocket Full of Money...

You embark on a whole new journey, at the end of which you shall know how to create all the wealth and happiness you ever wished for, now, without any limits. You shall soon also know many timeless truths about who you really are, what you are doing here, and what this truly beautiful game of life is all about.

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  • At 2:02 PM, Blogger Paul said…

    Divine intervention in a Google search... money... God...

    Why doesn't this really sound like religious or spiritual experience to me?

    I mean, it sounds positive - I don't mean to say anything against your enthusiasm. But why invoke God?

    When I changed school districts and my paycheck doubled, it was great. But I'm not sure God was taking a special interest in my particular financial circumstances. I think the one district was just in a much wealthier community than the other. And I don't really thank God for that. I even wish the two communities were less disparate in terms of wealth.

    In fact, I'd honestly like to think God is taking a broader view that would exclude any special preoccupation on His part with my personal finances. I know not a hair nor sparrow falls... but a dollar?

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