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Monday, May 16, 2005

Modern Magick: Eleven Lessons in the High Magickal Arts

Modern Magick: Eleven Lessons in the High Magickal Arts (Llewellyn's High Magick)
by Donald Michael Kraigmodern magick

> Paperback: 600 pages
> Publisher: Llewellyn Publications; 2nd ed edition (August 1, 1988)
> Average Customer Review: 4 1/2 of 5 Stars (based on 99 reviews.)

First 2 Paragraphs...

I want to start by telling you that all of the "fairy tales' and stories about the powers of wizards, witches and magicians are true! But, unfortunately, only in part, However, it is possible to create spells to bring yourself money, love, wisdom and more.

You must understand, though, that unlike the magick in fairy tales and in movies, most real magick does not occur instantaneously. As an example, if you worked a ritual to bring you money, it may take a week or two for the money to arrive. When it does arrive, it would come only by natural means. But, if you properly perform your ritual, come it must!

What do others think about Modern Magick?

This IS the ONE for beginners and experienced as well, September 2, 2002
Reviewer: "radion" (Germany)

After all those years of wondering about magick and trying to find a book which really teaches you the REAL secrets of magick, this book wins the ultimate MUST HAVE. Very good for those who are starters in Magick. This book lets you understand and learn the Whats, the Hows, and the Whens of Magick. You will be able to understand other books on the Occult once you have finished reading this book. Most of the beginners would like to jump to COOL Magick like Goetia - then upon reading it and trying to summon things - nothing happens - then you start wondering if you have to read between the lines, well, in a way yes. So, before jumping to those more advance versions of Magick, this book will be your guide to understand what Magick is and how to use other Magickal or Occult books.
I know many who likes to skip chapters just to learn what one wants to learn. If you are serious in Magick, take your time to go from the beginning. You need to build up sufficient knowledge of how to let Magick happen. As for experienced Magicians, I would say that this is a good reference.
This book is mainly based on Kabbalistic Magick and a few Low Magick (nature magick). Too bad there isn't much on Enochian. I've been followin the lessons in the book and I can say that: its not complicated and Magick WORKS (this statement are for those who are sceptics)!!
All in all this book provides you with good history in Magick though not in detail but still not too boring. For those serious in this, I would also recommend the audio tape to pronounce the difficult words there are in the book.

BEST Beginners Magick Book For The Price!, April 11, 2005
Reviewer: Kent D. Bentkowski "Kentroversy" (Buffalo, New York USA)

Modern Magick is the very book I use in my own teaching of magick. My students have said that the information here is presented well, and is written in layman's language, and not in the advanced language of an Aleister Crowley or the more traditional magickal tomes. Explains everything in methodical progression, and perhaps even more importantly, explains WHY everything is important to the discipline of magick and to the beginning student. At fifteen dollars, this book is by far, the BEST beginner's book for the price for students of magick!

Great book on Magick (2nd edition), December 24, 2002
Reviewer: J. Dougherty "Kalimir" (USA)

by Donald Michael Kraig

There is a problem with the first edition of this book. In lesson 7 the olympic/planetary seals are totally messed up. Meaning he assinged Hagith (venus to the the seal of Phalec (mars) and so on and so forth. Now to the experienced magician they could spot this right away, but the beginner will have absolutly no clue that there is a mistake here. Now it does not matter if this is the authers fault or the editor's fault there is a mistake. Otherwise the book is very, very good but not excellent. I give the first edition four stars. Plus the talismans are ok I like the way he describes a way on how to make talismas and amulets in a pagan way.It has pretty good info on the subject of amulets and talismans. If you are interested in making talismans get Making Talismans by Nick Farrell. This may be the only book you may need for powerful and postive magick using talismans and amulets.
The second edition is much better where the mistake is corrected. But the auther from what I read did not mention there was a mistake in the first edition. Now on to the more postive review. The book is excellent for those who are interested in Ceremonial Magick. It deals with the magick of the Golden Dawn tradition. The chapters are divided in lessons. There are a total amount of 11 lessons. There is information of the Qabalah and the Tree of Life. He gives many rituals throughout this book, including the ritual of the pentagram, the hexagram ritual, the rose cross ritual and much more. The Watchtower ritual he gives is a more simplified version although very effective. You will find a lesson on sex magick here as well (you may not want to have your youngster read read chapter 10). In lesson 9 you will learn a bit on the Goetia. Also you will learn how to make some of the tools used in CM. Although he does give a brief history on wi! tchcraft and the oppersion of it throughout time this book does not have anything to do with Wicca at all. You will learn about talismans and amulets and how to create your own. You will learn so many thing from this book. This is suitable for the beginner who knows nothing about magick and is suitable for those who know about magick and has a lot of experience and wants to get into Ceremonial Magick. This book also makes a wonderful reference as well. Also I would like to mention that the second edition has a section on the frequently asked question on magick as well. Also at the end of each lesson this is refering to the first and second editions there are questions at the end of each chapeter about each lessons. I find this book to be valuable and intelligently written. This book is a hot seller the first edition has over a 100,000 copies in print! This is a book that I seriously recommed to anyone who is interested in learning CM. Kraig did great work with this! one!
Five stars for the 2nd edition *****

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