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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Blessed Be - A Wiccan Ceremony

wiccan ceremony blessed be

Blessed Be: A Wiccan Ceremony Audio CD

'Blessed Be' is a celebration of all that is natural and spiritual! Original Wiccan texts are sung by a female choir, accompanied by beautiful music. The first chant is for casting a circle of protection, the second is used to connect with Cerriden's cauldron of knowledge and inspiration and the third pays homage to The One who created all that is. All three songs are long-playing and allow the singer or listener to tune into the Divine Presences in order to set the mood for sacred magick. This recording is a lovely addition to any gathering, or may be used for solitary practice. The music is so mesmerizing that it also provides a soothing backdrop for all kinds of meditation.

Listen to Samples of Blessed Be: A Wiccan Ceremonyblessed be a wiccan ceremony


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