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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Power Of Numbers

Dear Friend,

Hi ... my name is Blair Gorman, and while I am a Master Numerologist now, I am also a computer scientist and software engineer with over 20 years experience.

One day I accidentally stumbled upon numerology when my fiancee dragged me along to meet a visiting numerologist. In all honesty, back then I thought it was all nonsense, just like many of my scientist friends.

However, numbers fascinate me -- so I decided to listen to what the guy had to say -- and was stunned by what I learned ...

I was able to predict major events and turning points in peoples lives with laser-like precision ... I was able to create a "road map" for people's lives that left their jaw hanging open in astonishment ... I was able to glimpse into a person's very soul to find out what they held dearest, and to help them get more of what they most wanted out of life.

At first I was ridiculed by my scientist colleagues ... they were skeptics, just like I was before I started my wonderful journey of discovery. Then, I started applying it with them, and changing their minds through the accuracy of my predictions (even though they had to call me privately after-hours, as they didn't want to let their colleages find out).

Here's just a few of the amazing things that happened:

> I predicted - to the very day - when a close colleague would have a major relationship crisis. (I never told him beforehand, and wish to this day that I had warned him ... he discovered his girlfriend cheating on him)

> The following week, I predicted a friend of mine would have a mechanical breakdown. Sure enough, even though she hadn't had a breakdown in over 18 months, the starter motor in her car died ... on the very day I had anticipated!

> Later that week, I let that same friend know that an old friend would bring her good news. Sure enough, it happened ... in the form of a wonderful job offer.

I could go on forever here, but you get the idea ... and that's just a small sample of the sort of things that I use numerology to predict, on a daily basis. As Albert Einstein once said, "God does not play dice" ... our entire existence is based upon numbers, you just have to know how to interpret them.

Heres what other people thought about my readings

"I cried, both out of joy and sadness"

"As I begin to read the first few pages of my numerology reading, I teared up and let up a subdued sob. It described me so well, both what I present to the external world and my deepest wish within. It explained to me why my ambition and passion, past struggles and repeated pattern of experience."

I cried, both out of joy and sadness as it affirms my strengths and gifts of this life, as well as the seeming curse of isolation and neglect of my home and family. At the same time, it gave me the tool of awareness regarding my weakness. I can yet still transform it into strength, using the same determination and courage."

-- Liza - Ohio, USA

"How can you know THIS about me?"

"I was truly astounded by it's accuracy! It was so 'weird' but revealing at the same time! I mean, I often found myself asking the question: How can they possibly know THIS about me? The reading also described my feelings at this stage in my life and it hit me straight in the face. Incredible!

Thank you so much....I've always believed numerology and astrology could tell me "more", but now I know for sure."

-- Sabrina Hoornaert - Financial Administrator, Belgium

"So accurate it was scary!"

"Your astonishingly acute report confirmed exactly what had been evolving in my life. From the personality traits in my early childhood to my current situation your reading was so accurate it was scary!"

--Susan Maurath - USA.



  • At 3:02 AM, Blogger Ramos said…

    Is Blair Gorman really a Master Numerologist or just a clever Computer scientist with a good software program who knows how to market using the web?

    I ask this because I paid for a full numerology report from Blair Gorman and found that I could have got the same report for free from www.decoz.com. Decoz is a program that makes the reports that Blair sends you. If you trial the software you are able to complete 2 reports identical to the one Blair does. When I trialled the software and compared the free trial report with the one I purchased from Blair they were word for word verbatim, identical.

    So what does Blair actually do to claim MASTER Numerologist status?? It seems to me that all he does is punch your name into his software programme and send you the file. This is something that you and I could do if we bought the software ourselves.

    There is no evidence that Blair adds any value. So you tell me who has the skill, Hans Decoz who wrote the software programme or Blair.

    What made me look a bit deeper was when Blair started using a clever marketing ploy that is used to create urgency by saying that "he has discovered through astrology that I was going through a special transit and that there was something that I really needed to know about that I could miss if I did not act now. This created urgency to get me to purchase it. (Very clever did the copywriter that he endorsed help with that one). Secondly the Astrology report "The Sky Within" report that he offers is another computer generated report requiring no real effort of astrology on his behalf either.

    I do not consider reports from a computer to be worthy of claiming Master status. A person I would consider a Master is able to peronalise the report specific to the person. I would expect that person to be well published and have been on a number of TV or Radio shows by now and have a regular newsletter to inform his followers. At best I would assess Blair as being a very keen numerologist with an interest in Astrology.

    Lastly I probably would not have looked so closely at his operations had he either, delivered the Sky Within report that I paid for and am still to recieve or refunded the money, after saying he would get back to me which he is still to do some 6 months later. His conduct in his dealing with me has been less than satisfactory.

    For the report that he owes me I will give him the benefit of the doubt. It was an oversight.

    Whether Blair Gorman is a Master of numerology or computers I will leave up to you. As we all know there are two sides to every story and I can't wait to here his.


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