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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Be comfortable and meditate!

I might be the most uncoordinated and inflexible dude that ever lived. When I sit to meditate I have a lot of trouble finding a good pose that is not uncomfortable. You know it can be really distracting when you start to feel pain in your knees during a sitting. I have a bench that is very similar to the one pictured and it really helps a lot. All I do is put a pillow under my ankles and another one under my knees. Maybe someday I will do the full lotus, but for now at least I am doing better with my meditation.

Elegant design for a meditation bench. With a slightly slanted seat, it is ergonomic and comfortable as well and nicely finished. Made of wood. It serves as furniture in your home, and gives it a feeling of being a "sanctuary". True functionality offers you a place to go for going within. You can bet the meditator in your life doesn't have one of these yet!

Mushroom meditation bench


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