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Sunday, March 13, 2005

The Witchs Pentacle Cauldron

Cauldrons are one of the most important parts of a witchs altar. They are often used for scrying or to represent water or fire. There are also myths that the cauldron represents reincarnation and the cycles of birth. Figures such as the Goddess Cerridwen and Bran the Blessed are often associated with the cauldron, also.A small fire can be lit in one for the burning of incense or spells during a ritual (sabbat). Cauldrons also work great as a candle holder for your spell candles!

Back in the day of old you would often find a cauldron sitting in many homes. My grandma used a huge one to make apple butter in every year. Traditionally they come with three legs which is a representation of bounty and lessons.

Depending on the spell that is being worked it is common to place the cauldron at either the Male South or the Female west.

A three legged Pentacle Cauldron


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