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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Psychic Talking Boards

Talking Boards are a class of board games that were introduced to America in the late 1890s. Over the last century, these "games" have brought endless hours of entertainment to those who have ventured to play. Spirit boards, witchboards, magic boards, & mystery boards are all guises of the talking board. Though countless theories have emerged to explain how & why talking boards work, they remain cloaked in a shroud of mystery to this day. From the bloodline of the mysterious talking board, Cryptique brings this classic game into the 21st century. Four years in the making, Cryptique is the first talking board designed exclusively for the new millennium. Its unique design was conceived in 1997. The distinctive layout & artwork mirror the talking boards mysterious past. Fashioned after a century of talking board history, Cryptique combines the spirit of its ancestors with modern creativity to create a look & feel with genuine vision. Shunning a disturbing trend of other talking board manufacturers, Cryptique doesnt skimp on the boards size; measurements are 17" x 11". This generous surface area allows for uninterrupted sessions due to insufficient playing room. There are no fold lines on Cryptique, so the seer will glide smoothly across the entire board. The board itself is constructed of paper applied to covered 100 point chip board, while the seer consists of a label applied to a specially molded piece of plastic. Contains game board & moveable seer. Instructions on use are on the back of the box. Intended for entertainment purposes only.


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