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Thursday, March 03, 2005

How to Scry with a Crystal Ball

The crystal Ball

A guide to the theory and practice of Crystallomancy

Why Does It Work?

A popular theory as to why the crystal ball works is that every person has latent abilities which are suppressed by the routines and rules of everyday life. The degree to which these powers are ‘hidden’ varies from person to person - those who are more in tune with it are regarded as mystics or seers. However all people have the ability to some degree - it is just easier for some.

Obtaining and Caring for your Crystal Ball

Your ball should be large enough to read clearly but not so big that your eyes find it difficult to see it fully. Generally speaking, the ideal size is about 100 to 110mm (about 4 inches).

Always store your crystal ball in a wrapped cloth and keep it out of direct sunlight (the sun/heat-cold extremes will drain it's power). Clean it with a cloth moistened with a water and vinegar mix and then polish with chamois or velvet. Remember, do not let anyone else touch or handle it - or your rapport with it will be broken.

Prepare to Scry!

It is pointless trying to scry a crystal Ball in a room full of people or in a noisy, distracting location. Make sure you are alone in a room that is not noisy and does not have a lot of light in it (Draw the shades). If you are reading other people then keep the room occupancy at a max of two. Anyone that is not being read should stay still and silent. Drape a dark (preferably black) cloth behind and beneath the Crystal Ball. If you want you can stack a small pile of books and drape a cloth over them.
A burning candle at the rear or to one side of the Ball is preferable for many wiccans. This is not recommended for beginners. When you are advanced it is believed that a candle will help 'activate' the crystal ball.

How to read a Crystal Ball

If you are a beginner do not expect immediate results. As with anything that is great scrying takes time, patience and experience. The rapport that you need to have with the crystal ball may come quickly for you, but it can take months before it is developed for most people. Do not be discouraged if your first sessions don’t produce results, some of the finest scryers also found it very difficult to start. Stay relaxed and concentrate. Tune the world out! This is meditation. Let it fill your vision and your mind. Don’t worry about time. After so long you will see change in the Ball. This varies between scryers - - some see the Ball filling with milky clouds which change into different colours and then darkness followed by the appearance of images within the Ball - some see wispy white clouds which move through the crystal forming shapes of people and objects. - some see written messages - some see clear ‘cinema quality films’ portraying events past, present and future. You may find any of these or some other type of depiction. At first you may see shapes and silhouettes rather than sharp pictures.


The images you see in your ball may be either actual or symbolic. This can be confusing but with practice you will be able to interpret which is which. Most of the time you will see both image types at different times and in the same session, sometimes. Actual events may appear like a movie or a sequence of images which depict some event or occurrence. You will ‘know’ whether this is in the past, present or future although some scryers adopt a rule using the position of the image in the Ball - if the image is at the center the ball it represents the present, the back represents the past and the front represents the future. The very back of the ball would then represent the distant past, and the very front the distant future with progressions in-between.

Reading symbols in The Crystal Ball

A lot of the symbolic images are obvious - trust your feelings when interpreting. This list is only a guide and may be helpful but use your instincts as they will always be your best guide:

Anchor - Safety
Beetle - Long life
Bird - Message. An eagle brings good fortune, a brightly coloured bird, happiness and a vulture or similar, problems.
Clouds - When rising positive, when descending, negative
Crown - Status, power
Cup - Love, relationships
Dragon - Good Luck, strength
Eye - Fate for better or worse
Frog or Pig - Prosperity, fertility
Fruit - separately, children or on a tree, children to come
Horse - Change, movement
Lighthouse - Warning to take care
Lion - Strength, recovery
Moon - Peaceful life, family
People - A large crowd or party, vitality a small group, friends
Scales - Justice
Snake - Knowledge
Star - Success, Fame
Swan - Good news
Tower - Masculinity, Ego
Unicorn - Purity, innocence
Water - Communication, contacts
Waves - physical love
Wheel - Changes, new

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