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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Spell Candles for Witches

If you've never held a ritual with these then you should take a look. I found a Six Candle Alar Pack which includes all 4 Elements Plus God and Goddess Candles!

They are high quality, gorgeous and have the most amazing aromas! They are made BY WICCANS and PAGANS FOR WICCANS and PAGANS - therefore they are blessed and charged with the appropriate energies. Each set also comes with full instructions and an affirmation or spell.

Old World Wisdom Blended with Today's Needs to Create Your Own Magic! These Candles are created with herbs, essential oils and related colors to help achieve your dreams. Each candle includes a beautiful uplifting blessing and message.

1) Energy-Will (Fire) Candle
Sandalwood Ginger Blend

From the center of your will, anything can be accomplished, for this is the first step on the road to manifesting your desires. After the "idea" inspired by work done with the Air candle, Energy & Will is the next step to creating your own reality. Fire is the continuing spark that burns through the blockages in the spirit.

*Strengthens the aura and works through blockages in the creation process.
*Helps to stimulate the naval/second chakra which rule the creative/desire centers.

-Optimal time to use this candle is when the Waxing Moon is in a Fire Zodiac as Aries, Leo or Saggitarius.
-Used during a Waning Moon to release blockages to your personal energy and strengthen your will.

OTHER INFO: The Element of Fire is associated with the nervous system, the sacred direction of South, the Tarot suit of Wands, Midday and Summer. To enhance your intentions, place things that bring the Element of Fire to mind next to the candle.

2) Inspiration (Air) Candle
Lavender Blend Essentials

The gentle cool breezes of Summer have inspired poets, artists, & thinkers all through the ages. Air is said to be the origin of inspiration, intuition, psychic abilities, sound & vibration. The Element of Air is a necessity in the inspirational process.

*Through the Element of Air, connect to the universal consciousness - storehouse of all knowledge.
*Find the inspiration, wisdom & patience needed to reach your objectives. Light this candle and find your muse.
*To inspire your mental process, use other symbols of Air like, a feather, smoke, Sword tarot cards, etc. while burning your candle.

-Made when the Moon is passing through an Air Sign.
-Use during a Waxing Moon when it is in the constellations of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius.

OTHER INFO: The element of Air is the sacred direction of East, Dawn and Spring. The bright blue is associated with thought and the Throat Chakra. We choose this color to assist in mental clarity and ease of communicating ones ideas through whatever form desired.

3) Emotional Balance (Water) Candle
Orange Blossom Essential Blend

Emotional Balance is found when we begin to trust our instincts & strengthen our connection with the Divine. It is this source of life that fulfills us & allows us to find Balance between all aspects of life. Water represents the sub- conscious-a place of dreams, instinct & emotions.

*Provide energy present in the courage to explore emotions that may limit growth.
*Aid in emotional level of self-discovery, gain inner control and allow instinct to be trusted.

-Pent up emotions are best released during a Waning Moon in the Zodiacs of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces.
-Used during a Waxing Moon, help to get in touch with your true emotions around a situation.

OTHER INFO: The Element of Water is associated with the cauldron of life, representing the heart & circulatory system, the direction of West, Sunset and Autumn. The dark turquoise demonstrates that still waters run deep and cold.

4) Stability-Self (Earth) Candle
Cypress Patchouli Blend

Form a solid foundation to build your dreams upon with the Earth energies of this candle. Earth's energy gives stability, a foundation for your journey into the depths of your spirit. There you will discover the true worth of your self.

*Self-esteem and self-worth issues
*Stability and security within the deepest self.

-Burning this candle during the Waxing Moon when it is in Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn will help you tap into your inner strength. As your confidence bubbles to the surface the turbulence subsides.
-Lighting this candle during the Waning Moon will help to dispel the blockages to positive self esteem.

OTHER INFO: The Element of Earth is associated with your bones and muscles, the sacred direction of North, the tarot suit of Coins, Midnight and Winter. Brown has long been associated with the rich soil of the Earth. The soil sustains life and anchors the roots of even the most giant of trees. Let the deep brown of the Earth Candle remind you to grow your own roots deeply into the Mother Earth, allowing her to stabilize and nurture you.

5) Female Energy Candle (The Moon)
Kissed with Lotus Blossoms

Become empowered with the Feminine Energies of creation and intuition. Find your voice and express the goddess within. There is power and strength within the female side of the self that many do not recognize. She is unique in her ability to simultaneously create and destroy, feeling passion on both ends of the scale. See the beauty and courage of all that is female.

*Use to reassert the power of the Feminine Energies during the creative or intuitive process.
*Use to enhance your connection with the Feminine Energy that both men and women possess.

-Made when the Moon is in an Astrological Sign with Female attributes such as Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn or Pisces.
-Virgo is particularly strong time to burn this candle for the Earth Goddess energy available.

OTHER INFO: The Female Forces candle is made to be a light silvery blue to represent the Moon. Feminine Energy is subtle in her power - she is subtlety to perfection. It is her gift to control herself without controlling others. She is intuition and inner strength - the eye of the storm.

6) Male Energy Candle (The Sun)
Vanilla Patchouli Musk Blend

The Sun brings us celebration and rejoicing everytime our life is energized with its brilliance. Become strengthened and motivated to find your true, brilliant self and celebrate life. Rejoice in the Male Forces in your life, the ultimate loving father and the way we play to learn. Challenge your limitations and master your inner knowledge.

*Always helpful in mastering our full potential and moving beyond our self-imposed limitations.
*Use to reconnect with the Male Side of ourself which is just another key to self-mastery.

-We make this candle when the Moon is in an Astrological Sign with Male attributes, such as Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, or Aquarius.
-Light this candle during one of these signs and connect with the Warrior/Merciful King within. Yes, women you have these qualities available to you also.

OTHER INFO: Yellow is color of the Sun and the color of the Solar Plexus Chakra. We chose yellow to remind us of the Sun god and his glory. The Solar Plexus is also the Fire Chakra. Both the Male Energy and Fire motivate us into active participation in our lives.


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