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Friday, February 04, 2005

March 21 -- Vernal Equinox -- Ostara

Day and night are equal as Spring begins to enliven the environment with new growth and more newborn animals. Many people feel "reborn" after the long nights and coldness of winter. The Germanic Goddess Ostara or Eostre (Goddess of the Dawn), after whom Easter is named, is the tutelary deity of this holiday. It is she, as herald of the sun, who announces the triumphal return of life to the earth. Witches in the Greek tradition celebrate the return from Hades of Demeter's daughter Persephone; Witches in the Celtic tradition see in the blossoms the passing of Olwen, in whose footprints flowers bloom. The enigmatic egg, laid by the regenerating snake or the heavenly bird, is a powerful symbol of the emergence of life out of apparent death or absence of life.

I searched the web forever to find a CD which is related directly to the Vernal Equinox. I finally found one that was produced in 1977 called "Vernal Equinox".

First released in 1977, this recording influenced Brian Eno, whose subsequent association with Hassell formed a collaboration with 'Possible Musics'. Within these sparse but exotic textures, you can hear the vocal source of Hassell's unusual trumpet sound as he bends notes into breath-like murmurs. On the raga-like title track, Hassell weaves a long, sinewy trail across the slow percussion of David Rosenboom and Nana Vasconcelos, with a slowly-shifting synthesizer background acting like a minimalist take on a tamboura drone.

If you would like to hear samples of this music look here.


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