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Friday, February 11, 2005

July 31 - August Eve - Lughnasadh or Lammas

This festival has two aspects. First, it is one of the Celtic fire festivals, honoring the Celtic culture-bringer and Solar God Lugh (Lleu to the Welsh, Lugus to the Gauls). In Ireland, races and games were held in his name and that of his mother, Tailtiu (these may have been funeral games). The second aspect is Lammas, the Saxon Feast of Bread, at which the first of the grain harvest is consumed in ritual loaves. These aspects are not too dissimilar, as the shamanic death and transformation of Lleu can be compared to that of the Barley God, known from the folksong "John Barleycorn". This time is also sacred to the Greek Goddess of the Moon and the Hunt, Artemis.

Once a prominent Celtic festival known as Lughnasadh, Lammas is a joyful celebration of the first harvest. In an age when crops can be imported all year round, we tend to forget just how important this time was to our ancestors -- the failure of the harvest meant starvation and death. Early August was a time to celebrate the fruits of the first harvest and work positive magic for prosperity and protection. Explore the origins, customs, and lore of Lughnasadh and learn about similar festivals around the world. Whether your just starting on the path or are an experienced Witch looking for a new perspective on this ancient festival, you will find a cornucopia of history, folklore, recipes, spells, and rituals in this book. Paperback, 276 pages.


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