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Monday, February 21, 2005

Celebrate wicca the right way!

A wiccan ceremony is a very special time. The atmosphere that you create will determine the success of all the magic spells you cast. Don't get caught casting a spell without proper preparation. Good atmosphere creates good results.

Candles and aroma burners are the way to go for sure. The reason why is simple. They are often made specifically for wicca and pagan rituals (Plus they look really cool).

I have a whole collection of aroma burners and spell candles. The spell candles are made especially for wiccans and pagans and the aroma burners often have a pentacle design incorporated into them. Some of my candle sets promote prosperity, luck and so on. If you are just looking for a fragrance oil to burn for a specific ritual (sabbat) this is the first place you should to go.


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