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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Astral Projection - The guide to self realization

Experience the ultimate adventure. Leave your body easily and safely. This kit is your guide to the most exciting journey of your life. Effective and easy to master, astral projection is a powerful tool for self-realization. Explore the astral plane through step-by-step exercises and discover what life is like beyond the physical body. Find out firsthand about soul-sculpture, astral sex, and safely observe the mysteries of the afterlife. Travel through time and space, meet beings from other planes of existence and learn what secrets await you in the higher dimensions -- the possibilities are as endless as your imagination. Everything you need to begin this amazing journey into self-discovery is in this kit. Contains a 90-minute Deep Mind Astral Projection audio tape that guides you through the simple process of astral projection, the 252-page book "Practical Guide to Astral Projection" that takes you through easy exercises to facilitate an out-of-body experience, a unique Astral Projection Card which provides a meditative focus to help you open the inner gateway to other dimensions, and a special instruction booklet for using all of these valuable tools together quickly and easily.


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