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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The Wiccan circle

The Sacred Wiccan Circle is formed and, within it, two main activities occur: celebration, and the practice of magic. Celebration is most important at the major seasonal holy days, the Sabbats. At the time of celebration, the myths of that particular holiday are enacted in ritual drama. Singing, dancing, feasting, and revelry are all part of the festivities. On these occasions we celebrate our oneness with life on Earth. We, also, assimilate on the deepest level myths and archetypes which map and assist our own life-passages.

Esbats are smaller gatherings where magic is more often performed. These gatherings coincide with the phases of the moon. The main types of magic practiced here are: psychic healing sessions, the focus and direction of energy to achieve positive results, and work toward the individual spiritual development of the coven members. Magic is an art which requires adherence to certain principles, and a conscious direction of will toward the desired end. We believe it to be an attribute of magic that results toward which the will is directed return to the sender threefold. These principles make witches very conscientious in their use of magic.

When the teaching, celebration, or magical work is finished, the blessing of the God (and Godess) is called into food and drink which are then shared by everyone. The circle is opened, and the space is no longer consecrated.

To keep track of when magical gatherings and such occur can be quite confusing at first. I recommend the to easily help you keep track. It is a very small investment for a great reward!


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