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Thursday, January 13, 2005

The Tools of a Witch

In both the working of magic and the creation of the sacred circle wiccans use tools to facilitate a frame of mind in which the psychic state necessary for this kind of work can be achieved. The tools are part of a complete and self-consistent symbolic system which is agreed upon by the participants and provides them with a "map" for entry into unfamiliar psychic spaces. This system, like a map, is arbitrary and not "true" in an absolute sense; it is more of a guide to a state which is ineffable and can be most clearly reached through the arts such as: poetry, music, dance, drama and "starlight" vision.

A primary ritual tool, which is owned by most Witches, is an athame or ritual knife/dagger. The athame is charged with the energy of the owner and is used as a pointer to define space and as a conductor of the owner's will and energy. One example of defining space is casting a sacred circle.


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